The name of the brand, Anna Wedgewood, derives from the name and the English version of the founder’s people name.

Anna Wedgewood from early childhood showed artistic skills and interest in the native peple of North America. For the first time she was meeting with native American Indian techniques of making jewellery in 1998 at Native American Indian Fans Rally. Since then, he has been deepening knowledge about Native American Indian beading techniques, reaching for old publications and conducting correspondence with artists from the Mohawk tribe.

In the following years, Anna Wedgewood learned about different methods of making jewelry (including soutache, wire binding), by ultimately focusing on beading embroidery from the direction of Native American Indian techniques.

Her works are inspired by beauty of nature and referring to beliefs and magical symbolism. They are made of Japanese beads, and unique natural / precious gemstones.


The Anna Wedgewood brand was created to honor people who helped in a unique way Project Cougar.

Anna Wedgewood Jewellery can neither be bought nor produced for orders. This jewelry is designed and handmade in very few, limited, unique copies. The complete catalog of this Jewellery is presented on this page.